Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended. The gun you have is known in the trade as a "Hardware" gun. Eclipse was a trade name used by E.


Meacham on shotguns they imported. However, the name was also used on derringer type handguns made by Enterprise Gun Works of Pisttsburg Pa. Their DOM period was to about When searching for parts, you will run into this name.

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Eclipse patent DecB. Belgian made hammer double sold by E. Meacham Arms Co.

Antique Shotguns - Pre-1899

NOTE: the patent was issued to M. Keller of Batavia NY. Their main claim to fame was a number of handguns The Standard Catalog of Firearms has a 2 page layout on the company, going into detail on their products and history. That is the good news. There are many guns that are the same as yours under a dozen or more different names. No one knows The kickers here are. Ie; a manufacturere would supply rough unfitted parts to a small gunsmithinhg operation and that home gunsmith would assemble the guns Parts seldom swap out.

As to the serial number. This required that unique and consectutive 's be stamped on the frame. Pre few inexpensive guns did so because of the cost of doing so.

The barrel steel will not withstand the pressures of smokeless powders used in todays shells That pattern you see on the barrels. Your best bet is to clean it up. As to the side locks and hammers.

You may be able to send them the lock assy you have and they may be able to supply parts that can be fasioned to fill the hole Notifications Close.Barker, Royal Damascus, Belgium, safe to shoot? Posted: Fri Dec 14, pm. It's a side by side double barrel. Post subject: Re: T. Posted: Sat Dec 15, pm. It was not of high quality when new years ago.

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No one can say if the gun is safe to shoot without having it in hand to examine its condition. Between about to when World War One cut off exports from Europe, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of inexpensive shotguns were imported into the United States from primarily Belgium.

Also the gun has damascus barrels.

belgium double barrel shotgun parts

Those are barrels made by heating two or more ribbons of steel and iron, twisting and forging them into one ribbon. That one ribbon of metal is again heated and wrapped around a mandrel and forged welded into a tube of the desired diameter much like the roller in a roll of paper towels or toilet paper. This made a pretty pattern in the metal but is considered safe only for black powder loads. Black powder when fired generates salts in a gun barrel which attracts moisture which causes rust which attacks the weld joints on the inside of the barrels if not cleaned very soon after firing.

Who knows what care and maintenance the gun has received over the past years. Only a examination by a good competent gunsmith can determine if the gun is safe to shoot and then only with appropriate ammunition. Most of us here recommend that these old guns not be fired because of this and given the American propensity for wanting more of anything, somewhere, sometime, some damn fool is going to stuff a 3 inch magnum in one of these old guns it can be donecock the hammers and pull the triggers.

If after various pieces take off for parts unknown and if he is still standing, has the issued number of fingers and eyes, we don't want him coming back to us and saying "You didn't tell me that wasn't safe. Retire the gun to a place of honor in a gun cabinet or hang it over the fireplace or on a wall as a decorator. Posted: Sun Dec 16, am. I forgot to say that the gun is what I call a "Trade Brand Name" shotgun.Bob's Gun Shop Inc.

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ECLIPSE double barrel (belgium)

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Antique Double Barrel Shotguns Values

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See more appraisal examples and price guides for other items. This list is limited to only a few results. Many more items are available to our members through our Price Guides! From marks4antiques. Research the value of your own items:. Serial S69 Early cased four barrel skeet set manufactured in Belgium. One wood forend. All barrels have vent Having one set of 26 inch 12 gauge barrels, three sets of 28 inch 12 gauge barrels, one 26 inch separated.

Approximately twenty-th. The collection consists of 7 boxes of shells, five 12ga, one 16ga, and one 20ga. The first two Non-automatic safety.

belgium double barrel shotgun parts

Single trigger. The group includes the following:1 2 Winchester Super Speed 10 gauge 6 shells with patent number 1 Automatic safety. Includes two 1-gauge cars and one o-gauge car. One of the 1-gauge cars is missing roof and the other is a baggage car with significant paint loss and wear to roof. The o-gauge Includes one standard gauge no. O-gauge pieces include one tender and five freight cars. The dump car has All are single shot.I have a vintage double barrel that I have a few questions about.

When was it made? It has an "E" in a diamond stamp on side of breech It has 25" barrels It has the brass front bead sight and doesn't look like it It is in great shape with no corrosion or scratches and the petina on both the steel and woods is fabulous Does it have damascus barrels laminated steel?

Any help would be appreciated. Last edited by cdncowboy; at AM. Are you sure that it is damascus? There are barrels with a damascus pattern, FYI, if you did not know that. Hi Mike, I'm not sure they are Damascus actually.

I thought they were based on website info. I read but at this point I am really unsure about mostly everything about it I think I may have gotten the year wrong also as I found conflicting stamp marks Remove Advertisements. There is a test for Damascus involving a drop of acid or something else in an inconspicuous spot like under the forend but I can't think of what it is, offhand. Nitro proof and damascus would seem like an uncommon combination, but never say never. I hope someone else will chime in with more info.

That sheet also has Belgian Date Codes. Thanks Mike and DC for the input. After doing more digging I don't think they are Damascus barrels or at least not the ones fabricated by twisting the iron around a mandrel Very confusing because in the Damascus proofmark link DC provided all the symbols on the barrel are referenced there. So it must be Damascus but did Damascus make solid steel barrels because that appears to be what I have?

I am even more confused about the manufacture date because according to the link: 1 stamp on it says "used until " while another stamp on it says "used from to present" Damascus is not someone that made barrels, it is the name of a type of steel. For cutting instruments it is made by heating one or more types of steel to a white or welding heat and hammer forging the metals together.

Reheating and folding the forged strip and reforging can produce some very interesting patterns in the finished product. Damascus barrels were made by wrapping strips of steel around a mandrel, again heating to a white or "welding" heat and forging the strips together to form a solid tube.DoubleGun forums are used to discuss doubleguns, double rifles, drillings, combination-guns and related material.

The High Road Forums are dedicated to the discussion and advancement of responsible firearms ownership.

belgium double barrel shotgun parts

Shotgunworld Forums is intended to be a place for those with a fondness or avid interest, in a particular brand, to discuss them. This Forum is used to ask questions about what an item is worth, find out about its history, or see if someone else knows something about a specific item.

Double barrel Shotguns American Gun Company 12 ga

Folsom Arms Company in the period His company and its successors operated until the mid Folsom Arms Company was established in and distributed Birmingham and Belgian citizens of Belgium made firearms including some marked W. Richards and T. Barker under many trade names from until about The Sept. Folsom Arms Company 's cheapest doubles and observed Richards" that nonentity in the gun trade, was stamped on the plate, but they were really only those cheap bits of ordnance which come through our custom houses, pay a duty of 40 per cent.

Forest and Stream Magazine has already in past times expressed its opinion about these pestiferous products of the penurious population clustered on Belgium soil.

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Synopsis of decisions of the Treasury Department and Board of U. Armes Co. If you have any thing to add i. Richards Research E-Mail. Richards was an export from Belgium in the late 's. The gun has Belgium proof marks and a "tree" stamped by the name on the side-plates. The significance of the tree is unknown. I noticed other similar rifles having different variations of deer - wonder why? Actual enhanced Photograph.

Need Help Identifying!

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